gerhard funk

animator & filmmaker



character animmation & particles

explainer & educational

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narrative animated short (8 min)
prize of german film critics association


narrative animated short (6 min)
KurzUndSchön award & KROK Festival special jury mention


experimental short // music video (4 min)
KurzUndSchön award & La.Meko Festival award


music animation (2 min)
screened at Videoholica festival

animated GIFs

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  • 02_blackWhiteRed_gFunk_STILL
  • 01_littlePlantLoop_gFunk_STILL
  • 140814a_AccentsEmbryos
  • 05_metaCell_gFunk_STILL
  • 04_sHe_gFunk_STILL
  • 140816a_CloudsAndLakes_STILL
  • 140813b_floralCycle_II_400px_STILL
  • 07_zippers_gFunk_STILL

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gerhard funk

freelance animation generalist – 2D & 3D

if you're looking for an animator in your current film project, are planning to produce an animated music video or probably just need to explain your product/concept visually to a wide auditory, let's get in touch!

i'm experienced in all of these fields
character animation,
music video,
explainer animation
and i'm looking forward to your ideas.

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